What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation is the splitting of physical hardware into multiple ‘virtual’ components. The most common usage of this within business, is using a single well spec’d server to host multiple Operating Systems (OS) serving different functions.


Why should I consider virtualisation – Business?

  • Full system snapshots, enable complete server state restoration with minimal downtime
  • Full system backups and failover
  • Easy migration of virtual servers between hardware if upgrades are performed
  • Reduced electrical cost
  • Reduced hardware needs in server rooms
  • Reduced Cooling requirements
  • Run different Operating Systems on one set of hardware (Linux on Windows, Windows on OSX etc)
  • Enable use of software only available on certain Operating Systems (OS)
  • Reduces need for multiple computers


Types of Virtualisation:

  1. Network – Split complex networks into manageable and understandable parts
  2. Storage – Combine multiple storage devices into a single pool to simplify data storage
  3. Server – Host multiple servers on individual hardware to make the most of resources
  4. Desktop – Desktop environments run from a single server with the use of thin clients
  5. Application – Running applications not designed for your operating system with ease


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