Network Security


Relentless attackers, disgruntled former employees and careless users can bring down, computer networks, encrypt shared folders and open up connections to external sources. . Network security’s made up of the hardware, software, policies and procedures designed to defend against both internal and external threats to your company’s computer systems. Multiple layers of hardware and software can prevent threats from damaging computer networks, and stop them from spreading if they slip past your defences.


The most common threats to your network:

  • Malicious programs like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, malware, adware and botnets
  • Zero-day and zero-hour attacks
  • Hacker attacks
  • Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS), and
  • Data theft.


How these threats enter your network:

  • Unsecured wireless networks
  • Unpatched software and hardware
  • Unsecured websites
  • Potentially unwanted applications
  • Weak passwords
  • Lost devices
  • Untrained users


At SNS we are passionate about keeping your company safe from attackers and training staff to detect suspicious activity on networks and computers. If you would like to talk to us about safeguarding your business network against attacks, or for us to test your network security, please get in touch.