SNS supplies both secondary phone line & Mobile broadband failover for all providers.

Failover Broadband



Having a consistent internet connection is crucial to every business. The loss of interent can result in failure to send/receive emails, restrict till payments stop online ordered, and shared folder syncronisation (to name a few!). This is why it is important to have a second failover data line to ensure these vital services are not lost when there are issues with your line or Internet Service Provider (ISP).


There are two different types of backup/failover solution:

  1. Copper broadband line
  2. Mobile data connection

Both provide up to 20Mbps connection speeds, so that you can continue business as usual.


The failover can be triggered in two different ways, when an issue is detected:

Automatic:      A managed switch will automatically detect the connection issue, and fail over to the second line with no user input

Manual:           Once a connection issue is detected by users, manual trigger of the failover is required.


Why do I need a failover? I never have had an issue…

Unfortunately even the most reliable connectivity can fail and when it does it can take some time for normal service to be restored. This could leave you without internet connection for days or even weeks.


If you would like to know more about our failover broadband services, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.