Robot Science Club



With Robotics set to become an integral part of the DT/IT/Engineering curriculum in 2016, we are developing the ‘Saturday Club’ and ‘After School Club’ events so that youngsters can have fun with robots as well as learning required skills to meet curriculum requirements in Primary and Secondary schools… skills to meet KS1 – KS2 – KS3 development.


  • Learning as a Fun Experience
  • Robots in the Modern World
  • Robot Developments
  • Fun and Learning with LEGO Robots
  • Fun and Learning with ‘X-Calibur’ Robotics


Robots are not just for manufacturing, but increasingly used for research and medical uses. Involving complex tasks that are difficult for humans to replicate… or operating in remote and dangerous areas for Rescue and Recovery. Medical science is increasingly using robotics for complex operations, and replacement limbs with robotics work almost like human limbs.

Pupils initially experience remote control toys that require human input. Moving to toys that are already programmed to complete a range of actions, which are modified by additional human input. This provides fun with learning.

RSC expands the idea of programming ‘robots’ with the use of LEGO Robotics and Robolab software. This software provides simple drag-and-drop programming, where ‘Task Icons’ replace the complex maths used in software. Pupils can then work on creating tasks for the robots!


With Robot Science Club it is then possible to move onto more complex build and assembly of robots, and even developing ‘real world’ scenarious for operation using Ground (UGV) and Aerial (UAV) systems for developing further uses and ideas. Imagination is possibly the only limiting factor. Have you ever had replica handbags in your life.

RSC has gained support as part of the BP Link Schools programme. BP Educational Service, also provide information and resources for Schools and Parents?