Network Backups



Have you ever lost all your data? Been infected by some ransomeware that resulted in losing all data on your PC? Had a hard drive failure? Have you ever crashed your laptop (from the kitchen surface to the floor)? These are some of the causes for lost data.

Lost data includes all the documents created in the programs you use. This data can be scattered all over the hard drive of the computer. As a responsible computer user you have to implement a system to back up all the data files on the computer “just in case” something goes wrong.


When should I backup?


Full backups contain a full copy of all data on your system. The frequency would depend on how often you add to your system but at least twice a year, in case of loss, damage or corruption.


An incremental backup copies data that has changed since the last backup. This reduces backup time, whilst ensuring all of the latest data is copied. This should be done daily especially if you work on the computer a lot changing files in a day.


With over 10 years experience offering backup solutions for both home and business users, SNS can offer the ideal solution for every user. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.