Internet Failover



We, at SNS, receive calls almost weekly regarding sites suffering from internet connection issues. This can result in inability to take card payments in stores, failure to send and receive emails, and loss of remote file synchronisation.

Wide area network (WAN) outages are simply a fact of life for many enterprises, whether they are caused by natural disasters or ancient and unreliable copper networks. A WAN backup failover plan is critical for many industries


Enterprises have traditionally used WAN backup solutions like analog lines and ISDN connections for failover in branch offices, but mobile internet (wireless WAN) backup options like cellular 3G networks and nascent 4G networks have surpassed these older wired technologies as speeds are increasing rapidly.

The best approach to incorporating wireless in your overall WAN backup plan will largely depend on both the hardware options available for your WAN routers as well as the services available in your organization’s remote sites.


Wireless WAN routers provide a fast 3G/4G connection in most environments. Even in lower signal areas, external antennae and boosters can be utilised to improve speeds with minimal cost. Alternatively, some vendors offer custom-built modular radios designed to be installed within a router.

Other routers rely on USB ports to interface with 3G or 4G wireless USB dongles available from wireless carriers. Several of SNS’s clients use this method where limited budgets are in place, achieving speeds of up to 40Mbps.


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