Computer Repair


Is your computer being slow? Has it been dropped or water damaged? We can repair it!

When our PC or laptops work we’re happy. But when they fail things can get very stressful, particularly if you use your computer for work or it contains a lot of personal files that you don’t want to lose.


The most common PC or laptop repairs that we deal with at SNS, include:

  • Computer screen repairs
  • Non-booting computer
  • Broken keyboard or some keys won’t work
  • Slow operation (PC Tune-up’s and registry cleaning)
  • Water Damage
  • Hard drive failures
  • Laptop battery does not hold its charge (you may be charging your computer several times a day)
  • Malware or virus removal
  • Operating system upgrades (e.g. Windows 7 to Windows 10)
  • Error messages are appearing on screen, but you can’t self-diagnose
  • Upgrade to SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Upgrade RAM & video cards
  • Printer, Scanner & Copier connection and operational issues
  • Wireless & wired network issues

To name a few!


If you are having issues, please get in touch, we can help! SNS offers both in-house repairs, remote support and a free collect and return service within the West-Kent area. We pride ourselves on quick turn-arounds, and will do our best to keep you informed at every step.